Electrical, maintenance services

Marine & Offshore

Tech-Solutions offers total electro-technical solutions in the maritime sector worldwide.

Custom service has made Tech-Solutions strong. As a dynamic and highly flexible partner, Tech-Solutions constantly strives to achieve the highest level of quality with result-oriented efficiency.

We assist our partners by designing and installing complete project solutions. By integrating custom electro-technical systems for dockings and mobilisation of new construction, refit and conversion projects. Both for onshore and offshore industry.

Tech-Solutions never loses sight of its partners. Even after the projects have been commissioned. Service is the keyword here, which stands for good aftercare with professional maintenance & reporting.

Durability is optimised through the use of the best materials and excellent workmanship by our highly qualified technicians.

We also continually strive to push boundaries and develop value-added services. Tech-Solutions is ready to take on the challenge!

Today, Tech-Solutions has successfully participated as a global partner in several ground-breaking innovations and developments in the sustainability-oriented offshore industry.




Tech Solutions Mission